Scot McDade was inspired at a young age by countless musicians including Metallica, Nirvana and INXS. Picking up the guitar at age 15 it wasn’t long before he was adamant this was the purpose for his life.
If you see Scot anywhere you’ll be guaranteed he has a guitar of some sort with him.

Originally inspired to play electric guitar Scot has recently been driven to play the acoustic guitar. And is always looking for new innovative and creative ways to express himself through the instrument. Incorporating methods such as using the body of the guitar as a percussion instrument, double hand tapping and many different Spanish and Classical techniques.
It’s definitely something that takes the audience by surprise.

“Music, for me, has always been a powerful way to bring people together. I’ve never seen people connect and bond better than when there is some music involved. I’m very grateful that today I can connect with people with my music, and I aim to leave every performance with a feeling that I have connected with the audience as equally as they have with me. As if we all know each other a little better than before the show.”

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