Photobooth with Social-Media-Branding

Why have a photo-booth when you can have a photo-booth and a photographer and have the photos being shared with your logo directly to hundreds of social media sources?

Our photo-booth is made from a luxurious red material with fairy-light decorations and compact lighting.
It typically uses a 3×2 meter space but can adjust to fit your specific area. It comes with a photographer and all images are wireless transferred to one or multiple ipads. People can then choose the image they like and share it by email or to facebook , immediately with your logo automatically applied.

Regular photo-booths are fun but this one comes with a photographer so it has all the advantages of a normal photobooth but our photographers help people overcome their shyness and really have a lot of fun. When people run out of ideas we can help them. We are also masters of posing so your photos will look great.

People talk about their experience with us long after the event and that is what is important that people remember your fun and more importantly remember that it was fun and a good experience.


Would you like a themed background? Or a character photographer? Perhaps you would like a photographer that is a 1920’s paparazzi style? Let us know what your theme is and what we can do for you.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can make your next event even better.



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