ASV Photographics was founded 10 years ago by Cloé Veryard. Initially it was to fill the gap for photography in the arts industry in Brisbane. Since then it has grown to provide photography for corporate clients  in 4 out of 6 states in Australia. We provide premium event photography,  as well as headshots, annual report photography, Website collateral and much more.  We have a small nimble core team and employ the appropriate people when needed to scale up or fill a skill deficit. It is our commitment to give back to the community and we do this through various community workshops in regional and remote areas where we  mentor youth in photography, film and stop motion animation. We give youth a vehicle to carry their voice.

With ten years experience in the dance and theater industries, Cloé brings a unique character and energy that gives permission for people to have fun and relax in-front of the camera. And yet the photography always remains at a high standard. We deliver our images on time and we take feedback very well because we  are committed to long term relationships with our clients. It is our aim to grow with them. ASVP has a very clear pricing policy and it’s our commitment to- ‘no surprises’ that brings people back to us.

“The corner stone of the business is the way we interact with people. Whether it’s at an event or a head-shot for a single person we are extremely personable. It is our goal to put the client at ease, to educate them on how they can help. At events we are the the ice breaker that brings people together and makes the event more memorable. I look forward to working with you”

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